Pre-Ballet (ages 3-4): An introduction to dance incorporating basic ballet steps and terminology. Skills are emphasized through the use of song, sign language and dance routines.

Ballet (5yrs to Adult) Correct body placement and terminology are emphasized using graceful classic movement. A good base for developing body awareness, coordination, muscle tone and flexibility.

Pointe (11 yrs to Adult): Taken after basic ballet technique is mastered, and muscles and bones are strong. Instructor permission required

Jazz (9yrs to Adult) Using mostly classical and Broadway styles. An awesome class for students who want to develop coordination, flexibility and strength while having fun!

Tap (5yrs to Adult) Exciting rhythms to music from Broadway classic Rogers & Astaire movies or street funk rhythms. Beginning classes learn basic technique and terminology – advancing into more complex rhythms and terminology.

Acrobatics (6yrs to Adult) This class is the equivalent of the floor category in Gymnastics. Strength and flexibility are emphasized at all levels. Beginner students will be introduced to basic tumbling skills. Intermediate/Advanced students will focus on the more advanced elements of the curriculum (walkovers, handsprings, aerials, etc.)

Hip-Hop (8 yrs to Adult) A Jazz class incorporating the latest hip-hop and funk using Christian artists. The style is primarily performed to Hip-Hop, Rap or R&B music.

Lyrical Hip-Hop (9 yrs to Adult) Lyrical hip hop serves as a smooth transition to regular hip hop for dancers with a jazz or ballet background.  Unlike conventional hip hop, the lyrical variety always has a story attached.

Clogging (9yrs to Adult) A fun American folk dance similar to tap dancing, but with a much more relaxed, bucolic feel.

Modern (10 yrs to Adult) Modern dance is a dance style that centers on a dancer's own interpretations instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing.


Classical Ballet

Studio Dress Code

Expressions of Worship Dance Studio students observe a dress code which allows the teacher to evaluate the student and maintain modesty. All students must wear tights with the option of leotard, camisole or tank. Additionally shorts, a skirt or fitted dance pants may be worn over the tights.